Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some days... just go back to bed.

Woke up this morning on time!
Girlies were cooperative and we are ready to leave the house at 6:05!
Grab my phone.
Grab my bag.
Grab my...

Where are my keys? Not in all the "usual" places. Not in all the "unusual" places. I'm actually breaking into a sweat look for these damn keys.

Asked the girlies to help me find my keys... but, let's face it, unless the keys jumped up and bit them on the nose my girlies would not find them.

Have removed every item from my bag.  They really are not in there. Called the hubby to see if he saw them before he left... he started lecturing me on putting them in the right place blah blah blah blah... so I had to let him go.

I went and looked in the window of the car. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. There they are. Safely locked in my car.

Called hubby back and asked him if he knew where the spare key was.  Two keys in the drawer. YAY!... both to the other car. So beaten down.  Working up a new sweat looking for the spare key.

Called hubby back... told him I couldn't find the spare, was going to have to take a vacation day, AND was going to have to go have keys made when he gets home. He says "no, you can't just make keys whenever... blah blah blah blah blah" more lecturing... so I had to let him go.

Texted the sitter that the girlies weren't coming.
E-mailed the office that I couldn't make it in.
E-mailed my counselor that I wasn't going to make my appointment.

All by 6:45 AM.

I was overwhelmed, feeling stupid, mad at Michael for lecturing me when I was down, mad at myself that I had to "waste" a vacation day... and I crashed.

Woke up at noon with a killer migraine.

Hubby got home.  Apologized. He had the spare keys in his glove box. He could see from the keys in the car that this was a total accident and not me being absent minded. He'll rub my head to help my migraine.

Still have my migraine... but now I also have my keys.  So I'll be able to make it to work tomorrow. In retrospect... I wish I had said "well, since I gotta take a vacation day, what can we do that is super fun!?"

Lesson Learned:
9) If you are taking a vacation day (for whatever reason) enjoy it as much as possible... or you'll regret it at 8:30 pm.

The Other Woman

Kitty l-o-v-e-s hubby!

And doesn't think she should have to share.
Look at her giving me the evil eye.

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