Saturday, June 11, 2011

Going Bonkers

Birthday Party!

Caitlin was invited to her bestie's birthday party at... you guessed it, Going Bonkers... aptly named.

The drive that should have taken us 40 minutes was... an hour and a half.  Yes, I did go bonkers.  Fortunately the staff at Bonkers is fantastic and they spent 7 minutes on the phone with me trying to figure out A) where I was and B) how to get me to the party.

So, Going Bonkers is like 100 McDonalds play-places all connected together and 2 stories high. Plus they have arcade games and party rooms and even a mini bull ride. Basically, it is kid heaven.

Here Caitlin is waiving from the 2nd story bridge.

This is the "you promised you weren't going to take millions of pictures" look.
I lied.

My girlie and the birthday girlie played this game... 
but finished before I took a picture... so I made them fake it.
I have no shame.

I wouldn't normally buy a "store branded" shirt... but I think this logo is so cute!

The girlies used their tickets to buy dracula teeth (in their favorite color.)

I am so lucky that Caitlin is drawn to nice girls with nice family's.

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