Thursday, June 16, 2011

Honey & Cookie

My two girlies... all the love in the world.

This morning went so smoothly.  Caitlin got out of bed when I asked her to! (SHOCKER) She was dressed and ready to go before I got out of the shower.

Siobain randomly told Caitlin "I love you" in the car! We all know this is true... but she said it unsolicited!

And, of course, Caitlin worships Siobain. So much so that she is wearing one of Siobain's old shirts that doesn't fit her yet.  "Look Mommy, I put a bobby pin in so that it won't show my boobies."  (Yes, she did use a hair bobby pin.)

I took a picture of my girlies hugging before I left them this morning.  I'll miss them tonight... But I don't expect to be missed as they will be having too much fun with their girlie friends.

My girlies. First thing in the morning. Still half asleep.

This is a pic of Tammy's front flower bed.  I really like it.  Wish I had a green thumb.

So the old man and I are foot loose and child free tonight... movie and cuddling on the agenda.  NO interruptions. 

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