Friday, April 22, 2011

Time Flies

Had a wonderful day with friends. Great time in a creative environment.  Only a few work calls... I kept them down to a minimum because Karen kept giving me the evil eye.

The first 4 hours flew by re-imagining my office clock.  I'm going with a green color scheme with pink and brown accents in my office.  The clock fits in perfectly now. I'm also going to slip-cover the back of my office chair.  So excited.

It's ironic that Karen is displaying the end product... since she and the other ladies had major timing issues this morning.  "It opens at 9:00." - "What time are you getting there? Get there as close to 9:00 as possible." - "I think I'll get there at 8:45 so I can get started as soon as they open."

I arrived at 9:00... and we all crowded into "The Little Blue House" for our day of scrapping... It was a bit awkward since they don't open till 10:00.  Te he.

So, the major drama at this scrapping event, there is always drama... a penis. Not a real one.  Well, yes, it is a real one... but I mean, not a "live-in-person" one.  Anyway, said penis was texted to one of the ladies (I honestly don't know who) and a phone was passed around.

Let. me. tell. you. something. It is startling to be passed an electronic visual of a penis when not expecting it... mmmm, actually I think it's startling even if you ARE expecting it. But this could due to the fact that I don't run around with a "penis picture wielding" crowd... perhaps you become immune?

It's girls-gone-wild afternoon scrapbooking.  No harm-no foul.

Except this one woman INSISTED on seeing the photo and then "acted" all offended.  I think she even looked at the photo twice... awkward. I'm pretty sure she would have looked a third time if she could of figured a moral outrage angle.

Anywho, she was entertaining... (also entertaining is the use of the word penis 5 times in this post.)

Back to moi.  I tried quilling for the first time today.  It is very fun. But not easy.  Here are the results of 3 hours labor...  A square apple and a blue bird... each the size of a quarter.  3 hours, not kidding.

I think my first attempts are pretty good.  I look forward to more quilling... Karen suggested that they might enjoy it if I started quilling in the office... apparently I concentrate so hard I stop talking.  There is a first for everything.

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