Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here lay the ashes of Kathleen's dignity.

A moment of silence please.


What a beautiful day. And so fun. We were out location scouting again.  Found the PERFECT location for our mountain biking shot.  Unfortunately... it was a mile walk to get to the location.  It would have been such a beautiful walk if I had been able to go at my own pace... again, unfortunately, I was with a co-worker who was, apparently, trying to earn the gold medal in speed walking.

I tried to keep up.  I tried to quietly huff and puff.  I let them get a little ahead of me.  In the nice chilly air my hot huffs gave of clouds of moisture... steaming up my glasses and giving me this view:

It's a nice fog on my glasses... but I finally had to call "uncle"... after a little ribbing and a slower pace we made it to the off-road bike trail. (Thank GOD)

It. Is. Perfect.  The "natural" dips and ramps were so steep and the area is very cinematic. We needed to climb one of the trail inclines in order to fully scout the location... when I say steep I mean STEEP, at least 60 degree  angle.

Visual Aid From TutorVista.Com
Only Imagine the line between point A and point C covered in slippery mud.

When I was half way up I realized I had made a horrible error in judgement... There were not enough foot/hand holds for me to continue climbing without the PROBABLE chance of doing a belly slide to the bottom.  Which would have been very humorous but also very muddy.

After careful evaluation, and applying my amazing skills of problem solving, I was able to make it to the top without the adventure of a mud slide. And that adventure would only have been worth it if there was a photo opportunity... unfortunately my camera battery had died.

Once back at the office I had to attend to all of the daily items that had piled up.  I shared my loss of dignity with my friend Karen... who said that I should "stop and smell the roses"... which she happened to have on her desk. I did.

photo by Karen

And, like a Phoenix, my dignity was reborn from ashes 
and I will start a new day with my dignity reborn and ready to live again.

(okay, you can kill me now for the sappiness of the last sentence.)

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