Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sliced Bread

Caitlin went on a field trip today to the Mrs. Baird's Bread Factory.  Hubby was able to go with her so we have some fun photos.

Caitlin said her favorite part was "we had bread right out of the oven that wasn't cut yet and they put butter on it!"

So, the best thing since sliced bread is... unsliced bread...

photo by hubby

Her 2nd favorite part was playing in the park.
Her 3rd favorite part was the tour of the factory.
Her 4th favorite part was lunch.
Her 5th favorite part was the bus ride.
And her "not favorite part" was leaving school. (Since hubby went on the field trip they got to leave as soon as they returned to school... all the other kids "got" to stay and watch a movie.)

Also, she tells me that everyone one really liked daddy because he played tag with them (not many mom's do that on the field trips...) 

Hubby said "That poor tour guide looked BEATEN DOWN."

2nd graders rock!

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