Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Belle and MY Princess

Today we celebrated Caitlin's 8th birthday.  She says she had a "perfect day."

We met the cousins and Gorgeous and Sarah and Peter at Jason's Deli for the big celebration. We had so much fun and I have the pictures to prove it... unfortunately I forgot to get my card reader back from Karen and can't get my photos off my camera... so there will be a bonus post tomorrow :)

Here's a picture of my 8 (EIGHT - holy guacamole) year old princess with her favorite of all the princesses, Belle.

BTW, Caitlin really wanted the store-bought Harry Potter cake even though cakes are my hobby... I was a little (very little) relieved because I had NO time to make a cake this week.  BUT... I am secretly happy to report that my cakes taste WAY better. :)

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