Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Are the new "black"; the new "it"; the new "big thing"... apparently.

After a highly amusing/diarrhea moment/awkward conversation with an executive at my place of employment, witnessed by... too many people... I was invited to lunch for a debrief.

After the "sports highlights" of my earlier encounter I was able to watch the coupon clippers in their natural habitat.

Fascinating.  And apparently lucrative.

Karen and Amy are two professional coupon athletes at work.  I've learned that there is a television show, strategies, and even important store personnel selection in the art of couponing.

Here is my amused/amazed/intrigued, can't-look-away state during this experience.

photo by Karen

This is what I am thinking, "this looks like a lot of work. but they seem to be enjoying this activity. there seems to be a competition on money saving expeditions. i feel compelled to compete and win..."

So, I think this will become a new hobby.  I must learn the art of couponing...

I do not, however, think I will clip coupons in the wind.  Although it does combine scissors and running... making couponing even more exciting.

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