Sunday, April 3, 2011

The 10th Level of Hell

Bluebonnets: Texas State Flower aka 10th level of HELL

Got a call from my sista Sarah this morning, always happy to hear from her.

(the following is approximately how the conversation went)
Sarah: We want to go take bluebonnet pictures today, it's pretty out.
Me: Ok, have fun.
Sarah: You are coming with us, right? Doziers are going too.
Me: Mmmm... not so much into the whole bluebonnet thing.
Sarah: Well then let the girls go with us.
Me: Fine, what time are we leaving?

My girlies and I went. We photo-ed. We made a pact never to do it again.

It is a beautiful day.
We drove for 90 minutes.
The drive was very scenic.
I start to feel optimistic.
The fields are painted with flowers.
This wind is ... 100 miles per hour.
We. Are. In. Bluebonnet. Hell.


"Are we allowed to go near them?"
"Are we trespassing?"
"Isn't it against the law to step on them?"
"I don't want to be arrested."
"There are bugs out here."

This is my favorite photo because my girlies are laughing.

This is probably the best one of them together.
Although at this point they are mis-er-a-ble.
We know at this point that this is NOT OUR THING.

This is the fake smile, I believe my directions were "SMILE DAMN IT."

I do love this one of Siobain with the girlies in the background.
She is not happy but she is beautiful.

My girlies, beaten down, begging to go back to the car.
I couldn't agree with them more.

The Doziers and Sebastians seems to have no bluebonnet issues.
It must be a Medina thing.

Caitlin did find true love in the hills of bluebonnets.

I love how Caitlin's hair and Mr. Ed's mane are blowing in the wind.
I kid about the 10th level of hell, but not about our pact to never, ever, ever do this again. On a positive note, me and my girlies have really bonded over our mutual distaste of this activity. The car ride home was rather amusing.  We played "would you rather take pictures in bluebonnets or (fill in the blank.)"

Other than the bluebonnet torture it was a great time.


  1. I'd like to give it another go. You'll have more fun this time. How's Thursday?

  2. by the way... i was kind of depressed when you told me you sisn't get any good pictures, and then peter made me feel guilty about when you were asking us to get out of the background of your shot and we were like "in a minute" but never really got out of your way, but now I see you got some really great pictures!! more than worth it. and i'm not kidding about wanting to go back. this month.

  3. And I'm not kidding about my concern for your crack addiction.

  4. not on crack. this time we'll go in the late afternoon when the sun isn't making it impossible to open their eyes. and there's not a wind tunnel. siobain can bring a book and a blanket and sparty can come and caitlin and eleanor can just run around and we can take fun pictures that don't involve torture.

  5. peter just added that he wants to go on a friday so we have recovery time after.

  6. Have fun. You are welcome to take Spartacus. My girlies are too smart to fall for this again.

  7. I can't tell which one of you is the dork...

  8. although, lol on the "damn it. 9th"