Monday, April 11, 2011

Light and Lunch

Part 1 - Light

I arrived at work at 4:45 AM this morning.  It was that, or come in on Sunday… And clearly I didn't make it in on Sunday.

The building lights don't turn on until 6:00am, fortunately I have this really nifty Gorillatorch.  It's magnetic, dims, and twists. LOVE IT.

This is not an exciting photo, but it's my office cubicle... the most exciting thing IS the Gorillatroch light... my computer is really awesome too... and I have some really cool props for shoots... but the newest coolest item is the Gorillatorch. (Great gift for anyone!)

Part 2 - Lunch

Boston Market has gone "upscale" and now brings the food to you on a plate with silverware, not plastic. Great conversation. Good food. Good time.

I excused myself in the most lady-like fashion to go to the powder room.

I did my business… Which would be no one else's business if the toilets at the La-te-da Boston Market were working.

Have you ever heard a car trying to turn over but just not clicking?  It's kinda a grrrrr, grrrrr, grrrrr mechanical noise.  Well, this was the noise the toilet was making while I was trying to flush.  

So, I'm standing next to a toilet, filled with "none of your business," in a panic because not only does it LOOK like my "business" is not going to disappear but it SOUNDS like whole toilet is going to implode.

When in this situation I find there is only one logical course of action. Run.

Rushed back to the table and said "WE GOT TO GO NOW!"

I don't know if the ladies just know me well, or if I just had a look on my face… But these two know when to hit the ground running.

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