Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gone Fishing

If I have to work on a Saturday... then let's do it in style...

Umm.... Have I mentioned that I love my job?

It's been a very busy production week.  We are ending the week shooting the fantastic Ship 77 at Lake Ray Hubbard.  These scouts are some of the best I've ever met.  So charming!  It didn't hurt that we were on the water, clear blue sky, faint breeze, and perfect temperature. Gots to love it.

Going fishing!

One of the great things about production is you never know what might happen.  Need to go pay the guy down the street to stop mowing his lawn... the grass isn't green enough so we have to spray paint it (environmentally)... grip truck goes to the wrong location and everything is on hold for 2 hours... client wants green tents, we have blue tents... hey, do you see that guy over there, I want him in the shot (perfect stranger)... can't leave the food out because of the bears... on and on and on.  I work pretty well in this environment.

Today I went into the restroom at our location, an adorable building right on the water.

Everyone, well girls at least, have seen signs in restrooms that say something to the effect of "please don't flush feminine hygiene products or paper towels"...

At this location the sign said "IF IT DIDN'T GO THROUGH YOUR BODY, DON'T FLUSH IT" and it had a drawing of a roll of toilet paper with the universal "no" symbol of a circle with a diagonal line through it.

I walked back out of the restroom and went to the Captain and the Mate:
Me "Um, the sign in the restroom seems to imply that I should not flush toilet paper"
Captain "That is correct, just put the toilet paper in the trash can"
Me "In the trash can..."
Mate "Yes mam, after you use it just put it in the trash can, our system goes straight up hill and can't handle toilet paper"

In my head I thought, thank goodness I don't need to #2. (Okay, "#2" wasn't the phrase in my head, but you get the point.)

So, I go ahead and tinkle (as Caitlin would say) and get up.  Damn.  I have been doing this for... at least 35 years, assuming I was potty trained by 2... and it is so automatic to drop the toilet paper IN the toilet.

Now I have toilet paper in a pool of tinkle in a toilet that can't handle it.

Yes. I. Did.  If nothing else, I respect a person's toilet. That is one luxury I prefer not to go without.

I did wash my hands an extra three times.

So, that was my fishing expedition for the day... nobody wants what I caught :)!!!

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