Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gas, Sweat, and Tears

Had a busy day today.

Needed gas on the way to work... but was in a hurry, so it could wait.

3 back to back am meetings then to first Dr. appointment.

Needed gas on the way... but last meeting ran late, so it had to wait.

Doctor appointment was very enlightening, learned the "tap process."  Cried many tears. Healthy. Cleansing. Then to offsite production meeting.

Needed gas on the way... but traffic was bad and I'm running late, so it had to wait.

Very productive production meeting at Chick-fil-e, cause that's how I roll. Then back to the office to check mail/phone.

Needed gas on the way... but it's just across the street, so it could wait.

Put out three fires, checked phone and email. Then headed out to last doctor's appointment.

Needed gas on the way... Ran. Out. Of. Gas... so not worth the wait. 

Hotter than hell today at 3:00 pm, at this point, I am now very very very sweaty.

Here is a pic of me, from Taco Bell, with my car (out of gas) across the street in a church parking lot. I was so close to a middle of the street situation.

Jesus loves me, YES HE DOES!!!

Called hubby to (apologize) and then ask him to come "fix" the car.

Called sister Sarah to ask her to pick me up and take me to my appointment.

She arrives with her girlies, here is our conversation (approx):

Me "Hey girlies!"(to E and M)
Sarah "So, what's the plan"
Me "You drop me at my Dr. and Michael will come put gas in the car."
Sarah "We've got time, let's just do it."
Me "Mmmmm... it's hot out and from past experience it is a LOT harder than it looks."
Sarah "Put your big girl panties on"

So we went to the gas station. There was a lovely man (he has 5 sisters) who did everything, including follow us back to my car. (I stand by my statement that those little plastic gas cans require a PHD.)

Lessons Learned
4) The car really DOES need gas to run, it's not a myth.
5) Jesus loves me, YES HE DOES!!!
6) There are some awesome people in the world.

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