Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goofy Girlies & Head Holes

 My girlies in all their goofy glory.

photo by hubby

Aren't my girlies adorable? Isn't Siobain's drama teacher fantastic for throwing an awards party for the kids? We should have more happy children and good teachers in the world.

And more head holes.  You never really see enough head holes. Here are some I have found that people should think about having around for my entertainment.

From, this Mona Lisa is a STEEL for only 9.99!  
I might have to order it.
and from omg, I might have a new addiction...

I know, you can do all this on a computer now.  But what fun is that?  There is no awkward twisting to get your face in the hole... no possibility of losing balance and taking the whole thing down. 

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