Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amp'd Up

Hubby practiced with a buddy today.  It's always fun to have live music in the house.

I had some anxiety today and the THUMP thump thump of the amplifier... amplified it :)

Fortunately, my super sly Caitlin took super secret pictures for me... she came back with some that were half wall... apparently she tried just peaking around the hall entry with the camera.

photo by Caitlin

It told her she was VERY sneaky, but she could be less sneaky to get a picture of daddy. I think he was on to her...

photo by Caitlin

One of his groupies partied a little too hard. I don't know if he danced too long, if he hit the H2O too hard, or if he over indulged in treats... but he was passed-out right next to the amplifier, tired as a dog.

photo by Caitlin

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