Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jewelry (A to Z)

Nope, didn't get any jewelry and didn't make any jello as proposed in my A to Z promo video... we're doing the hand JIVE instead!

Over Easter the girlies where playing hand-clapping routines.  My sister Sarah and I were laughing out-of-control as we tried to remember the ones from our childhood.  The kind of laughter that sets your soul free and makes everything better. (But our laughter is kinda loud... so we were stopped before we could completely remember the moves.)

The next day Caitlin taught me "double, double, this, that" and I have been bugging her ever since to see how many rounds we can do without stopping.

Tonight Honey and Caitlin hand jived in the back yard.

Yes, I know hand jive is a specific routine... but we're going to give me a break :)

Drum roll....

You've probably seen this, it's one of those viral videos, but I love it! My favorite hand jive ever... Cleary & Harding!

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  1. That's a great video. People really need to be connected with eah other to pull that off.