Monday, April 23, 2012

Tests (A to Z)

Tis the night before S.T.A.A.R test...

... And all through the house, filled with daughters and my spouse, was the moaning and chattering of my two little girls. One of them fine and ready to sleep, the other one threatening to hurl.

Caitlin has been worrying so much about this test... I finally told her it didn't matter if she just wanted to randomly fill in the dots. I won't win mother of the year, but my baby will get some sleep.


  1. Way too much testing in education these days! I'll remember your advice for my own child when she is stressed about standardized testing.

  2. My youngest took here first FCATs last week - the standardized testing here in Florida. She has been worrying about them since Kindergarten! There is was too much testing and way too much emphasis on testing results! I don't think your advice was bad!