Friday, April 20, 2012

Rough Ruff (A to Z)

I'm a survivor... I'm goin' to make it... Destiny's Child's lyrics running through my head started at 3:30 today. Followed by the longest drive home ever, not according to the clock.

Insecurity reared it's ugly head this morning. I was able to push it down most of the day, but as my workload wound down insecurity and doubt came by for a cup of tea. Those devils that try to take hold of me.

What a blue, watered-down world I'm sharing during the A to Z challenge... But I really wanted to stay true to my "this is my life" blog, I usually have a way more entertaining life.

Anywho, after a rough day I came home to where my heart is. I loved to see that there is a wild game of Star Wars Monopoly going on...

And later Caitlin made me an origami dog, turning my rough day into a ruff day! (That's a happy "ruff" with a tail wag.)

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