Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday (A to Z)

Hubby and the girlies let me sleep late today, but not too late, we had to celebrate!

My super smart students made straight A's!

Straight A's mean a lunch out and a trip to the bookstore!

The girlies chose Chili's... mainly because of the desert.

Due to the extreme lack of lady-like-eating the last time we ordered this desert I implemented a new rule.  You can't reach for another bite until you have counted to ten... it worked!

This super cool spaceship car was parked at the first bookstore.

We were able to listen to the new Muppets Soundtrack twice while we drove around.

There is a Camilla and the Chicken's version of "Forget You"... Since it is all clucked I think it is probably the F*ck You version... Get it? Cluck and F*ck?  Anyway, made me giggle.

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  1. Looks like a really fun day. Congrats to your kids! :)

    Dana, via the A to Z Challenge