Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Independent (A to Z)

My baby is becoming so independent.  She's respectful and smart and kind... and becoming her own person. With her own tastes in music and literature and...

Sigh.  I'm so proud of my girlie.  She has more confidence at 13 than I have at 38. 

"Because I'm the mom."
"Because I said so."

How often have I heard those lines in teen-movies, where the overbearing mom just doesn't "get" it? And now I'm THAT person? 

She's right. I don't "get" anime.  Plus, I have a real concern about the fact that the genre can go from "PG" innocence to "R" violence and sex on the same bookshelf. 

And it has a language of it's own.  Last night she said "sld skfj;ldkf slkfj;ls dlkfldka woefin" and laughed. Sharing a joke with me... that I did not understand one word of.

I look to hubby for help. "What did she just say?"

Hubby took her to the anime convention last weekend.  (Lot's of drama leading up to that as I was completely opposed to the trip.) Anyway... apparently she wore her halloween costume to the event...

Honey, "Russia", Honey's Friend

Apparently "Russia" is a character and you can take pictures with them just like at disneyland... why doesn't it feel the same?

(This stuffed animal creeps me out.)

So, I've decided that I have to dive in with both feet.  Although I've done research on certain anime/manga series, looked up rating systems and had hubby read the books... I have not tried enough to participate in her interest because it is something I am so uninterested in, I've only gone far enough to make sure she's safe. New beginning, I'm going to pick up a graphic novel, listen to her music (this is true love), and try to relate.

Then, when I say "no" it won't be followed by "because I said so"... I'll be able to discuss issues instead of dictating.

Although I reserve the right to dictate... she's not that independent yet!


  1. My kids are that age I'm dealing with these things too... I think your daughter is very lucky to have parents that are willing to learn about her interests. My parents never did, it was always "turn that music down!!!"

  2. My daughter likes the Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts graphic novels. I hear ya! They are constantly sharing with me and I try hard to listen and be interested, but it's hard! I just try to think about all the kids who don't even talk to their moms in their teens, and it keep me focused...at least for a couple of minutes!

  3. I've watched a few animes and have really enjoyed them..but I think overall I'm with you in the not getting it category. they do tend to have strange comedy!