Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peace (A to Z)

I measured me a$$ today. With an orange, plastic, 12-inch ruler. I share because it gave me a giggle.

That does relate to my topic... eventually.

I am fortunate to have insurance that covers visits to a counselor, which I need... and everyone should be lucky enough to have. Vera has helped me improve my life in so many ways, as I've mentioned on my blog before, but there is still lots of work for us to do.

As a quick side note, I know several people who have visited with Vera and then "their time was up"... She'd helped them with what they needed and told them they were welcome to come back if they ever needed her again. She didn't try to milk the system, she truly wants the best for her clients... Including not taxing their wallets unnecessarily.

Of late I have been anxious beyond even my "normal." It is causing me to gain even more weight, constant headaches and neck pain, and an inability to rest (even with a powerful sleep prescription.) At my last appointment Vera worked with me to calm me down... We couldn't get anything else done in my state of anxiety. She taught me a calming technique and I finally found some peace and was even able to sleep last night!

I did this again at lunch today. I went to me car, opened the windows to the breeze, set my alarm and got to work!

In thirty minutes my alarm woke me up and my head pain was gone. I was refreshed for the afternoon of work... Well, kind of refreshed...

... I was a ball of sweat, I'll have to find an alternative to my car in this Texas heat :)

All of this has inspired me to get back into yoga. Once upon a time I would do 45-90 minutes of yoga a day. I remember when my little girl would say "It's time for yogi mommy!" I'd be in the middle of downward-facing-dog and she would scoot under me and do it too.  I finally had to get a mat just for her! I loved all six of my Yoga Zone DVDs.  Unfortunately, if I tried to do any of those in my current physical state I would end up breaking both knees and my back... But I found a yoga DVD for "plus size" peeps, it arrives Friday and I can't wait! AND a larger yoga mat (here's where the ruler played into my day) so that I can yoga more comfortably.

Even Froggy is excited! (He's doing the lotus)

Ironically... while I was finding peace today I was wreaking havoc at home!  I forgot to remind hubby that I had a shoot tonight.  By the time I turned my phone back on I had 17 missed calls, tons of text messages, and a sister on the way to my office. I did not bring peace to my family tonight!

I called hubby right away (he was not a happy camper!)  He called my sister Sarah and called off the search, she was already half-way to my office.

I was able to call Gorgeous a few minutes later to let her know it was a false alarm and I am really sorry.  Next was my sister Siobain... who said she almost went into labor with worry (I'm really praying she doesn't go into labor tonight!) And then I called Sarah... who was totally cool about the whole thing and even made me laugh. She said "It would be just like one of us to run out of gas with a dead cell phone... and you probably would have sprained your ankle earlier in the day."

I'll have to be more diligent about calling hubby before an evening shoot so he doesn't worry.  I want him to have peace too.

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