Saturday, April 28, 2012


We are late getting on the Smallville wagon so our episodes come from Netflix. Caitlin had to stop watching a couple seasons ago because the show has gotten too racey.

Anyway, this disc introduced the character the Green Arrow... Who is quite a cutie! I was trying to get Siobain to agree with me but she was standing strong that Russia from Hetalia was better looking. And then Hubby piped up that he had a crush on Betty Rubble.

They both laughed at me when I said those didn't count because they weren't real... Like the Green Arrow.

Betty Rubble, whatever! She's a married woman!

I added the "kryptonite" filter in honor of the not-real superman.

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  1. The kriptonite makes for a great effect. We're nearly don for the Paril challenge. Blog on!