Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday (A to Z)

Good Friday.

I didn't go to Stations of the Cross.  I hope I can go next year.  I am confident I will be able to go next year.

Today Hubby and Honey went on their big convention trip.  Caitlin decided to stay home with me and we are having so much fun together! Tonight we went over to Gorgeous' tree house with the cousins.

The little girlies colored eggs and I ordered too many pizzas with way too much sauce. (I didn't think there was too much sauce, that's how I like my pizzas.)

Gorgeous and Sarah put out the egg dye and the girlies had so much fun!

Caitlin's green egg with a rabbit drawn on it.

One of Mia's eggs was accidentally crushed... But the older girlies fixed it with tape.

The usually very active Gorgeous has been stuck in the house since her foot surgery.  She's been playing a game called "Bubble Shooter" and has become addicted.  She said today was her last time to play... and she kept the screen up to show her very high score... I didn't point out to her that she is in "Novice" play mode. But it is giving me a HUGE giggle.

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  1. What fun! It looks like you all spent a glorious Good Friday. I stayed in all day. Probably will today too. Tomorrow, I teach a little old ladies Sunday School class and then the choir sings a cantata. I look forward to singing in that. Sundays are always busy and wonderful. Best regards to you and your family. Got a lot of blog hopping to do. Bye for now. Ruby