Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dog, Dork, Disgusting, Derrick (A to Z)

This is my handsome boy. Everyone should have such a loving companion.

I'm feeling a little sappy today... Writing this at lunch on a day full of anxiety and paranoia, just thinking about cuddling my Spartacus makes me want to run home where he'll be so happy to see me.

I love hubby and my girlies more than I can express. But Spartacus is my one and only handsome boy.

He is also brills and has a blog of his own, I Am Spartacus. I don't write this blog but I wish I was that fun and clever. His ghost writer makes me happy, sharing Spartacus' personality with posts. Check it out, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Sooo... That was the dog and here is the dork.

reenactment of actual event

Yes, this was me this morning. My plan had been to send a photo to the dentist since I couldn't leave work... Apparently my mouth is not as big as people think... Yes, it's big enough to fit an iPhone with an Otter Box case on it but not big enough to give enough room to focus.

Which leads us to the grooosssss...

See? All out of focus.  This is tooth #18 and the hole that previously held tooth #19 (numbered according to the Web Dental Office). If it were in focus you would see that SOME of that mess in #19 is stitching... it's the other stuff I wanted clarified.

This whole attempt made me giggle and I seriously doubt anyone will every ask to borrow my phone after this post.

And now onto the derrick...

Honey is doing a great job creating her derrick... now that she has a glue gun. Hubby tried to get her to do it with super glue, the man knows nothing about crafts. It's a good thing he's funny :)


  1. LOL! This has to be the all-time best repellent ever for people wanting to borrow your phone ever again.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    Here from the A-Z Challenge. :-)

  2. love the pictures--yes even the gross, blurry one :)
    Great A-Z post!

  3. Your post made me laugh! Hope the tooth is feeling better. What a great way to inform the dentist of what's going on! Checking by on the A to Z Challenge.