Monday, April 9, 2012

Handyman Hubby (A to Z)

"Just keep swimming" was my motto today.  I struggled to keep my head and spirits above water.  I need to sit down and watch Finding Nemo with my girlies again.  Get my head on straight.  But for now Dory's "just keep swimming" helped me make it home.

Hubby was super excited about his handyman-ness...

The shower has been dripping for a couple of weeks.  Hubby bought and installed a new shower head, but when that didn't solve the problem he "wah-wah wah-ah wah" (charlie brown adult-voice) and used YouTube to take apart the shower and fix the drip. Hurray!

Quote of the day "Don't 'dude' your daddy"... I've got a teenager.


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