Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You talkin' to me?

Crazy morning.  Honey's school was delayed 2 hours because of electrical problems... one would think I could accomplish a lot in two extra hours.  Instead I am running out the door as frantic as if school hadn't been delayed.

My car is still loaded with all my scrapbook supplies.  Neatly stacked in the middle seats. Caitlin refused to sit in the front seat for the short drive to school.

"It's not safe"... but it's just down the street, "no, it's not safe"... we could have walked there by now... "it's against the law"

Fine.  I rearrange the boxes for my law-abiding-safety-loving-eight-year-old girlie. Technically, having her sit in the front seat would not have been against the law. It just would not have been the safest place for her in the car. (I know this because I just did a bunch of curiosity-satisfying-research on TxDPS website.)

I've just been telling the girls it's against the law so they will sit in the back seat and not whine for turns up front. This is not something I feel bad about... but I did rethink my dishonesty this morning when my daughter was looking at me like I was willing to risk her life and my liberties.


On to the older girlie...

She's been using my phone again. She used her extra 2 hours this morning to engage in this exchange with hubby... Imagine my surprise to stumble upon this in my phone. sigh. goofballs. 

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