Thursday, February 2, 2012

Urban Legends...

I've heard and shared many, many, many of these in the last 30 or so years... from age 6 and 7 when sleep overs and sharing scary stories where fun...

Gang Initiation... a car comes speeding up behind an innocent driver, high beam lights flashing. You are murdered if you pull over. You are murdered if you don't pull over. Either way you are dead.

Killer in the Backseat... a woman is driving late at night and a car pulls up close behind and then falls back... over and over... all the way to her house. He was saving her from the crazed killer in the back seat.

These came flooding back to me tonight as I'm driving down a dark bumpy road... a car closes in on my bumper. Did they just flash their lights? Or was it a trick of the lighting because of the bumpy road?

Double flash.

Double flash.

No, this car is definitely flashing lights at me. I check my speed, am I going too fast or too slow?

No, the speed limit is 35, so I'm just right. Double flash. Double flash. My heart is now double time the high beam signals. I'm scared but not in a panic.  I forgot my phone this morning. I have my little girlie with me. I'm very close to a populated road (although not necessarily a good one.) I'm thinking of escape routes... I don't want to lead this car to my mother's house.

Double flash. Double flash. The car is now swerving trying to get around me.  The road has widened to a double lane... please let them speed past me.

They don't. The car has pulled up parallel to mine.  I'm avoiding looking to my right and am about to slam on the breaks when the other driver lays on their horn.

I'm scared and startled and quickly glance at the driver...

...who is... HUBBY.  Really? ...Really? ...REALLY?

Diarrhea! All his fault.

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