Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year, fall day

I have two little girlies that I love so much my heart and mind can't comprehend.  They are wonderful and smart and the best gifts.

They are also little petri dishes... bringing home every germ and virus possible. Something settled in and made a home of me last night.

Siobain is such a big girl and once I e-mailed sick in to work I rolled over and let her get Caitlin ready for school. She woke me when it was time for me to drive them to school.

On the way to the car I rolled my ankle, went down hard on my knee and (gracefully?) landed on the lawn.  I was 75% sure I was nowhere near the ant pile that we hadn't killed yet... and so, here is the deal... It wasn't that I couldn't get up, I didn't WANT to get up.  I was finally laying down again.  Which is how my body really wanted to be.  Yes, a pillow and bed would be preferred but "the sick" was okay with the front lawn.

My girlies were worried about me and hovering. Any other time I would have loved the attention... but their worried questions were ruining the peace of closing my eyes and just laying there.

Ugh, once I got up my knee and ankle pain registered. I should have stayed on the lawn.

The Doctor diagnosed me with general crapola.. sinusitis and some other -itis, basically an "acute" sore throat.  She gave me two shots, a steroid and an antibiotic, three prescriptions, and an okay to go back to work tomorrow.  As she was leaving the room she said "Your work is really lucky to have you."

Okay, this is without doubt true, because I'm awesome :) But I don't get where it was coming from.  Was it because I said I really needed to be able to work tomorrow? Was it because she could tell while listening to my heart, that I am "all in"? Or do I just have "the look"? Whichever, I liked her.

I've slept 9 out of the last 12 hours. 15 minutes falling and dropping the girlies off at school. 1.5 hours with the doctor. I don't know what I did the rest of the time.  Checked some emails.  Was cranky with my husband, cause that's what I do when I'm really sick.

My falls are always funny.  And I'll get a giggle out of it in four years when I say, remember what happened last February 29th?

Back to bed. (But thankfully the shots have kicked in!)

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