Sunday, February 5, 2012


About to get out and do a little shopping to make Gorgeous' life a little easier. Hopefully I can find a lap tray with legs. Caitlin needs new jeans, she's got holes in both knees. And lunch.

The girls are following the "hair deal" really  well... except we have "lost" all our barrettes. Tehe, mommy was smart enough to buy bobby pins that will work just fine for the bangs.

So, I decided to try a new braid on Caitlin this morning, the spiral:

So, I love this braid. But, as is evident in the 3rd photo, Caitlin does not.  At first she said it hurt... then she admitted she just didn't like it, with a pitiful "can I please take it out mommy?"

Double sigh.  I tried to bribe her to keep it in until Aunt Sarah got to see it, that's ONLY 2 hours, pa-leeeeeeease? No go, another pitiful "please take it out mommy..."

I thought about doing it to Siobian's hair but I'm really hungry and need to get going.  At least she let me take pictures.

4 minutes to braid, 2 minutes begging her to keep it in, 1 minute to take photos, 30 seconds to remove braid... the braid took longer to create than she actually wore it...

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