Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Sexy and I Know It...

Siobain went to her first 7th grad dance tonight, she went casually dressed.  Some people dressed up... kinda a free-for-all. She met a bunch of her girlfriends and had a good time...

"The craziest part was when 'I'm Sexy and I Know it' came on and EVERYONE stood up to dance!" What? What is this song? She started singing it. Then says, "It's a little inappropriate, I know."

I just youtube-ed this song, by LMFAO... and I like it.  But I don't know if I want her to like it. "I got passion in my  pants and I'm not afraid to show it..." I assume that means what I think it means?

Does this face look old enough to hear this shiz?

No, she does not look old enough.

Hubby is going out with a friend tonight and is finally wearing the Les Mis shirt I bought him.  Isn't he handsome?

'Course, he actually posed this way.  I waited until he lowered his eyebrow.
such. a. goofball.
Caitlin walked in as I was taking the photo and said "why are you wearing a girl's shirt?"
It's not a girls shirt!

Speaking of goofball... apparently hubby had some time on his hands this afternoon.  Poor Spartacus, such a good sport.  Hubby put this pink supergirl cape on him and took several photos.

Super Sparty!

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  1. that's one of our household favorites. mia says, "wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle,yea!". did you see the m&m commercial?