Friday, February 10, 2012

Precious Cargo

I am a really bad driver.  I admit it.  I think hubby just kind of accepts that we have to do wheel alignments every couple of months... he loves me that way.

But today I was super careful... I had precious cargo in the back seat, Gorgeous was heading home.

The last time I felt this nervous driving was when I had my little girlies as little babies.. when every bump and turn feels like a roller coaster.

The difference between that precious cargo and today's precious cargo... they didn't "backseat" drive. This is the first time EVER that mom implied I was going too sloooooooow. She said it in a nice way.

I so wish I could share a photo of her toe, it is awesome and would explain my need to drive carefully.  But I'm not the boss of her toe, so you don't get to see a picture.

I am happy that Gorgeous gets to sleep in her own house for a couple of nights... so, shhhhhhh!

We don't want to wake Gorgeous!

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