Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wipe Out!

Soooo, I'm spending the weekend at Gorgeous' tree house to help out since she's only got one foot to work with. (Due to her toe surgery, she's got two rods sticking out of her toe... awesome!)

Anywho... as is my tendency, I just completely... Bit the dust! Wiped out! Went down for the count!

I'm pretty sure I dropped some F-bombs on my way down, but that GOD I did not take Gorgeous down with me.

Unfortunately I did not get video of this highly entertaining event... no worries, there are bound to be many more falls, splats, stumbles, trips, and rolls for everyone to witness.

Glad the girlies are sleeping over tonight, they can be our gophers. I've got my knee up and Gorgeous has her foot up... the family that kick-backs together stays together.

Me 'n my ice bag.

Note: If I ever say "I'll take you down!" assume that I mean "I"ll take you down with me"... literally! Tehe.

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