Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This morning was a perfect example of the hurry-up-and-wait production day.  I had some time on my hands while the script was being rewritten (to a much improved version) and after I caught up with all the work I could from the studio I played with my new phone... again...

I happened to be on a swivel chair and was able to capture the studio using the 360Panorama app! Here is the "flattened" version:

But if you go HERE, you can see the room 360 surround from my POV.  Totally fun!

... poor Ed was cut in half in the process...

Once the script was corrected the rest of the shoot went really quickly.  

Later that afternoon... I was visiting Karen's office to ask some invoicing questions, very work related, and... I wanted to see HER new iPhone with Siri!

I must have overstayed my welcome and asked Siri too many questions because Karen said...

"Oh, I know a great question for Siri! Siri, how do I get Kathleen out of my office?"

Well, this girl can take a hint... as long as it is delivered with blunt force ;)

For some reason I was really dreading one of my regular tasks today... the project system update.  It's not hard. It's not complicated. It was just giving me a yucky feeling.  But they don't pay me to avoid yucky feelings... so I turned on ANOTHER of my new favorite apps to listen to while I did my data entry!

5-0 Radio!

That's right, a police scanner app.  Who knew? So far my favorite channel is St. Louis Police and Fire. Yeah, I did my job AND heard about the woman who wanted to have the six teenagers removed from her driveway but was not willing to answer the door to the officer. Drama radio! I think there might seriously be something wrong with me for liking this app so very much.  Yesterday, a woman shot her boyfriend in the leg and the boyfriend took off in a red pick-up truck.

I just pretend it's a very well written crime show.

Speaking of crimes... Have you seen how adorable my hubby is?

Yes, I got a cartoon app too.  I hope this novelty wears off soon.

The girlies returned to school today.  Over dinner Michael says, "Ask Caitlin what she learned about Uranus at school today..." and then snickers.

Caitlin immediately responded with "Oh! Three planets in a row have first letters that spell Sun: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune."

My husband... is a dork.

Siobain brought some artwork home today.  Here is "angry man"...

This is the face I'm gonna make if hubby tries another Uranus joke.

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