Saturday, February 25, 2012

Harmonica - Photo 52: ABCs

My bed was full of people last night... so I retreated to Honey's empty bed.  Spartacus agreed with my assessment and joined me.

Siobain is still sick, I wasn't feeling well this morning either so we didn't have our guitar lessons today.  But we still had lots of music practice going on.

The girlies gave Hubby a top-of-the-line harmonica for Christmas...

He played a little for me while I was eating some soup.

It was so pretty today. Spartacus, Caitlin and I played ball with Spartacus until he got too tired to do all the work.  The rest of the day I just chilled.  Some silly moments with the girlies... but mostly chilling.  So I had an opportunity to play with the free photo apps on my phone.




Sketch Me!

Hello, my name is Kathleen and I'm addicted to silly photography apps.  It's true.

I also put together a little video...

Handsome Hubby plays the Harmonica

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