Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Thing

Today was fun!  Very productive morning at work then the afternoon off to help Gorgeous. I wasn't much help... but I was hi-ghly entertaining, I was able to gross out and cause laughter at the same time. That's some mad skills.

First fun thing... photos of Gorgeous' frankenfoot.  I l-o-v-e her new foot.  I love it so much that the photos made me light headed. She is actually considering letting me post the photos on my blog, which would make me giddy!  Even if she just lets me post the before and after x-rays I would be very happy... all my toes are crossed! (te hehehehehe!)

Second fun thing... My phone decided to die several weeks ago and has been a zombie phone since... moving and moaning in a poor imitation of a working phone.  hubby said we should just go ahead and get me a new one, after lots'o complaining from me.  I got an iPHONE! I'm so excited! I loves me a mac for shizzle... so I think I'll love the iPhone, but it is not as super easy to use as I thought it would be.  I'll have a little bit of a learning curve.  Some of my iPhone pals might have to help a girl out.

Third fun thing... and this was so wonderfully awkward that I wish it was recorded!

I stopped getting acrylic nails several months back for three reasons: 1. they're expensive, 2. I always wait too long in between appointments, and 3. it hurt like %&(^ if they broke. So now I'm getting gel (jel?) manicures on occasion. Hassle free.

I always go to the same place and usually have the same nailtision (made-up-word.) She is really nice.  I decided to get color instead of a French manicure today.  I was torn between two colors. Sue speaks with a very thick accent and our communication is often nodding and single words.

"Pick color?" she asks.
"I'm torn between these two, but I'm going to go with this pink one" I reply.

Sue nods her head and pulls to two samples aside...
"You think about it."

Okay, I guess she didn't understand me. But she's got some work on those cuticles before she applies color so it doesn't matter right now.

"Pick color?" she asks after my nail beds are all set for the application.
"I'd like the pink one" I say with a smile. (a very nice smile with actual lipstick!)
She nods her head and walks away.

She re-appears with two bottles of polish and paints one of her nails in each color.
"Pick color?" she asks...

At this point I realize that she really does not like the idea of the pink color on me.  Honestly, I could go either way. I think it was more important to her than it was to me.

The little devil in me wanted to see how far I could take this.  If I chose the pink again would she cave? Or would she "accidentally" spill the bottle? Or maybe she would just shake her head and put the other color on anyway?

But she's so nice.  So I said, "oh, I think I'll take the darker color."

Lots of nodding.  "yes, wise choice" the nods seemed to say. But she just smiled and painted my nails.

"Such a pretty color" she says when she is through.

"Yes, such a good choice" I reply.

I took a photo of my nails... and here is the deal.  I've got some weird looking hands. No hand modeling in my future.  Tomorrow I'm going to really look at my co-workers hands... do they all look like wrinkly sausages? All those creases? And you can't even see all the veins in this photo.

The more I look at them... the less a part of me they feel. These four piggies are now their own entity, sitting on my keyboard, typing away... I shall keep them in a box and call them The Thing!

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