Monday, February 27, 2012

... or a sleep mask

Both girlies were home sick today.  So I did what any good parent would,  I made them take naps. Yes, it was an added benefit that I got to take a nap too... but it was for them... really.

Caitlin is very sensitive to light and sound when sleeping and it was pretty bright at 10:00 this morning, even with the blinds closed.  So she improvised...

This is her very favorite Jack hoodie... which is a little large on her.  
But the perfect size to use as an eye mask.

Also, it's a little creepy.

Today is also a big day for my bro-in-law, JD! Happy Birthday Dude!  Wish Siobain didn't have bronchitis so we could party like it was 1979!

He makes gold chains look gooooood!  Caitlin selected this photo.  We had a lot of fun on Jib Jab... until my sister Siobain called and said "Stop sending the Jib Jabs now. Right now. No more." Bah-birthday-hum-bug, we only sent 7... there were thousands more I could have sent.

It's okay, my other bro-in-law, Peter, has a birthday in two weeks.  Jib-ya-jab!

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