Monday, May 23, 2011

On being 12

"You're going to scratch the door with your horns!" - Hubby

So, today was "exciting."  
I sprang a leak... which is awkward and funny... and I am reminded of being 12...

- Sweet Valley High (and SO grown up)
- Boys... yeah, I was going to marry River Phoenix
- My parents were so embarrassing
- Little sisters... liked to torture me
- Backward suspenders (just like Alyssa Milano in Teen Magazine)
- Sea captains hat (from Pier 1... I begged for this hat)

So far... 12 year old Siobain's... 
parents are so embarrassing... 
little sister likes to torture her... 

and... She wears THIS hat. all. the. time.

(The 12th year has just begun...Please please please... no backward suspenders!)

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