Friday, May 6, 2011

Hibachi Birthday To You!

My baby turns 12.
Hibachi Birthday!

The Medina clan met up with Gorgeous, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Siobain, Eleanor, Mia, and Kate. Hubby was the lonely male as both bro-in-laws had to work.

Gorgeous is such a trooper, coming to dinner while waiting for a call from Care Now... even a beauty when she's sick.

Siobain chose Hibachi... we love it! 
Poor Mia had to be taken from the table. Fire is not her thing. 
Heart burn!

We never get too old for presents.  
Hubby gave Honey a set of books from an author she really likes.

I totally dropped the "mommy ball." Siobain wanted Red Velvet cake... so today I was going to make cupcakes... apparently "cupcakes" don't count as "cake"... so hubby took Siobain to buy a cake.

My Kitchen Aid is ashamed of me. But Siobain enjoyed her cake anyway.

We didn't have party hats, but Gorgeous brought fancy headbands... 
and since hubby was WAY out numbered he had to wear one too.

The Bow Heads

Sooooo.... Cutie Mia was at dinner with us too, and so were Aunt Siobain and Aunt Sarah. But the only pictures I have of them are "food action shots" and I just can't do that to them. I'll post more when Sarah sends me some.

The first of the Spearing/Hogan grandchildren has turned 12!
Wowsa, that means WE are getting old.

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