Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I had to stare"

Wednesday through Friday I wake the girlies up for school.  Siobain is dressed and brushing her hair within 5 minutes.  Caitlin... is molasses.  Today...

6:45 (girlies sleeping... looking adorable)

Me: Get up girlies.

6:50 (Siobain, dressed and on her way to the kitchen for breakfast.)

Me: Caitlin, get up.
Caitlin: Oh, I dreamed I got up.
Me: Well, get up for real.
Caitlin: (sigh) ok.

7:10 (Siobain, ready and reading. Caitlin... sitting in a chair, staring into space... still in her pjs)

Me: Caitlin?... (I've squatted to be on her level)
Caitlin: Hmmm?
Me: Why aren't you dressed?
Caitlin: I had to stare.
Me: (completely stumped...) Can you get dressed now?
Caitlin: ok.

7:20 (Siobain, still reading. Caitlin at the kitchen table.)

Me: Go brush your hair Caitlin.
Caitlin: I don't like that brush.
Me: (Silent, but meaningful look at Caitlin's hair.)
Caitlin: I think the one I like is in the car.
Me: Fine. 

7:25 (Siobain, still reading. Caitlin still at the kitchen table. I'm at the door.)

Me: Okay, let's go girlies. 
Caitlin: I don't have shoes on.
Me: Put on flip-flops, let's go.
Caitlin: It's PE today.
Me: You'll have to miss today, I don't have time.
Caitlin: I could put "tena-shoes" and socks in my bag and change later. They let us do that.
Me: (amazed at Caitlin's lucidity) Ok.

7:27 (Caitlin, getting into the car in all her medusa glory)

7:29 (Car started, backing up.)

Siobain: I forgot my lunch.
Caitlin: I did too.
Me: (do they need to eat today?...) Siobain, go get them.

7:34 (Driving)

Caitlin: There isn't a brush in here.
Siobain: Do you want me to comb it with my fingers? (So sweet)
Me: Put it in this rubber band.
Caitlin: (with pony-tail) Do I have any bumps.
Siobain: Yes... a little.
(Caitlin takes out her pony-tail)
Me: Why'd you take out your pony-tail?
Caitlin: My ears will get cold.
Me: What?!
Caitlin: My ears will get cold.

Gotta love my girlies...

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  1. I was glad today was hat day! We always have Medusa hair even after we brush it.