Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sangrias for Two

Worked very hard this weekend.  Great crew, great cast, great time.  Always an adventure.

Day one... horses and a six foot snake (the snake was not part of the plan)

Day two... a bobcat and 7,000 boys... okay, I think there were only 40 boys... but they move in a swarm (bobcat was not part of the plan)

Day three... rain... cold... more rain... break in rain... wind... (cold, rain, and wind not part of the plan)

At the end of day three Kelli and I met for dinner.  So much fun!  I think it made us both feel better.  I'm a little worried that their "Sangria for Two" is underselling itself... there is definitely enough for four.

Here is the smart, kind, beautiful, amazing Kelli... the other one is me...

BTW, we are pink because of sun and wind burn... not too much sangria.

My therapist, aren't I fancy smancy, has told me that I need to reach out to my girl friends, that shutting myself into my house isn't good for me... so, I'm gonna try.

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