Friday, May 27, 2011

Curtain Call

Tonight was Eleanor's debut as Gretl Von Trapp in The Sound of Music...  And clearly the beginning of a wonderful career if she chooses. I'll first start with the end.  The flush of a job well done; a portrait of hard work, passion, sweat, and talent.

Eleanor with a beautiful bouquet from Gorgeous.  
Purple Gerber daisies in Eleanor's favorite color.

Before the show.
We have been hearing about the rehearsals with envy.
Anticipating the show with eager impatience.
It exceeded all our hopes and expectations.
Eleanor was fantastic and stole many scenes with her charm and talent.

As with all first nights there were some technical difficulties. Eleanor's mic did not always work, but I am sure that will be corrected before the next show we attend. There was also a very amusing set dressing fiasco, which the main character handle with grace and humor.

The post show picture with her biggest fans (my cute girlies.)

Eleanor's unofficial understudy. Mia has learned all the songs.

A wonderful night.
Filled with fantastic performances.

"I wish I could shout out 'GO ELEANOR" - Caitlin

I was honored to be mentioned in her bio... Eleanor would like to thank Aunt Kathleen, Gorgeous, and her Grandparents for taking her to so many plays and musicals...

Can't wait to see the performance again.  I'll attend again with hubby, who was out of town.  And then I'd like to see the last show too. So proud of my girlie Eleanor.

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