Saturday, May 14, 2011

Disk Reader

A disk reader is important if you have a digital camera.  Without one, all the pictures taken of a beautiful and fun day are not post-able...

So until tomorrow, I can only provide a picture of my sunburn... but I will update THIS post tomorrow, with pictures of today.

Note the "close encounters" style sunburn.


5/16 UPDATE... have my card reader, so here are the pictures of Saturday.

1st, I woke  up very early to finish the soccer ball cake for my friend Kelli.  I had to run out to the car to get the cake box and this leaf was all dewy in my path.


My cake... meh.  Siobain said "Do you want the real truth Mommy? ... Something went wrong with the icing."  Gotta love my girlie's honesty.

Kelli and her handsome boy!

The rest of the photos are a study of my two girlies.
Both fabulous and amazing.
But different as can be.

Feet off the ground!

Really good book... and a little chilly.

Feet way off the ground.

Still a really good book... and still little chilly.

Swing like a monkey!

Smile like a cat.

I rule this playground...

I rock the reading.

We also flew kites. A perfect day... except for the sunburn...

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