Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pick-up Artist

Vacay today, AWESOME!
Much needed rest... so that I can spring clean tomorrow.

But as the clock ticked ticked ticked towards 2:45 my nightmare began... school pick-up. Let me just say... drop off is pretty rough, but pick-up sends chills down my spine.

I queried the husband on what his standard procedure is...
 I reviewed the school rules...  
I decided to take backup.

Spartacus was super supportive "you can do this" he kept panting. Plus, hubby gave me the tip not to leave the house until 2:45 and most of the crazies would have already cleared out.
(not counting myself of coarse...)

SCORE! One child picked up.  THIS school is much easier in the afternoon.  It's unfortunate that I put deadly spells on so many parents in the morning as they drop their children off IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC!

Groan! Now on to the elementary school. 
So many rules. 
So many lines. 
So many parent's I'd like to share my meds with! 

Sparticus is trying to keep me calm.  Hubby's suggestion at Caitlin's school was "send Siobain to retrieve Caitlin." But it is taking longer than we thought..

Here they come!  Thank GOD!

Look! She's so excited to see me she starts to run... 
 Apparently the running excitement was for Spartacus.

Well, we survived today... another pick-up tomorrow...

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