Friday, May 20, 2011

Cat and Mouse

Sooo... there was a little mischief in my life today.  I arrived to work, after missing a day to stay home with my sick girlie, to find this under my computer mouse:

artist unknown

There are several things I love about this sticky note...
1. it is a great sketch of a cat's ass.
2. it was UNDER my computer mouse.  Leading to the assumption that:
     i. my computer mouse had been eaten by said cat; and
     ii. my computer mouse had been digested by said cat; and
     iii. my computer mouse had been defecated by said cat
3. I have no idea who this artist is.
4. Artist returned to my office at some point today and added "again" to the sticky note

Conclusion: I love this person.

I also love my real cat, Kitty.  Who is very hard to photograph.  She lives in our bathroom and comes out only at night to cuddle with my hubby (my Kitty has excellent taste.)

The story of Kitty

When I was a young girl... oh so long ago... I was working on my very first movie, Detention. It was so exciting to work on this movie.  For several reasons: it's a movie; it's a good movie; it was written, produced and directed by my hero Andy Anderson; I fell in love with my husband; made my father proud; and found my cat, Kitty.

So, I stopped for gas on the way to work and there was this cute little "kitten" sitting at the door of the gas station.  I had to move the cat in order to go in and pay (this pre-dates "pay at the pump.")

"Is that your cat?" I asked of the attendant.
"No, it's just a stray" they said.

So, I took the cat to work.  And named her Bob, after the producer of the movie.

Dad flipped (I was living at home) but he loved me.  It was just a cat.

Well, "Bob's" stomach started moving like crazy.  Turned out "bob" was a girl... a pregnant one!

We soon welcomed six kittens into the world. Many wonderful people adopted these cats.

Kitty is at least 14 years old.  Anti-social. Fat as can be. And part of the family.

Through the years my children have tried to change her name to Mrs Cravets, Clarissa, and Meany. Her official name is Kitty.

Hubby has wanted to put her on a "diet"... I say she's got to put up with two kids and a dog, let her eat whatever she wants.

She's a very fat cat.

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  1. I love this post...and not just because I get all the references.
    I'm a cat person too.