Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The "fun" in Fungus

I LOVE this time of year.  When mushrooms pop up overnight.  When I got to work this morning the lawn company was mowing... I saw these mushrooms and had to stop and take pictures before the were gone.

Gorgeous makes the best mushrooms. "Don't crowd the mushrooms..." she always quotes from Julia Child.  We always use store-bought mushrooms... I may love them, but have no idea which ones are safe to eat.

So, here's the deal... these always look phallic to me...

... and then I am always innocently reminded of a storybook from childhood.  I don't know if it was The Borrowers or The Littles... anyway both of those series featured characters that were 6 inches tall or LESS... and one of the covers had a mushroom... I'm taken to fantasy world when I see mushrooms.

Anywho... a look into my psyche... beware!

(LOL that the beware is at the end of the post.)

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