Monday, May 9, 2011

Me & My Man Feet

Me and my man feet went to get a pedicure.  I don't get one often because, well, I have man feet.

My dad used to call them gumboots. I am a size 11.  I've only seen cute girlie flip flops run to a size 9-10... who are they kidding, that's a 9.5 max!

Anywho, they don't make flip flops in my size.  Well, they do, but I have to get them in the men's department... and they never make them pink or with flowers or cute patterns...

So, here are my cute, pink painted man feet... in ugly man flip flops...

OH YEAH, and I forgot that me and my man feet fell UP Gorgeous' stairs today.  Man feet on a girl do not make a graceful person.

My arm is all bruised from catching my fall... three steps worth.

The great thing?  Uncle Eddie didn't hear any of this commotion... Bwahahahaha... usually there are witnesses.

Then me and my man feet had a great time at the movies with Uncle Eddie.

Good day.  Expect for the two birthday celebrations I won't have cupcakes for tomorrow.  I'll have to do belated cupcakes.

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