Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom & My Girlies

Mother's Day!

We all met at Gorgeous' house this morning.  My sisters fixed breakfast for everyone (I get claustrophobic in her kitchen.) It is amazing that we all have children now. Gorgeous, her three daughters, our 5 daughters... and three men.

photo by hubby

Me and Gorgeous, aka Mom.  She's one of the only people who really understand me.

photo by Siobain

My girlies and the hubby.  I was really excited when I found out he had today off.  He usually can't join any holidays/celebrations until 2:00 pm.

My oldest girlie.  Honey made me a mommy in 1999.

My youngest girlie (brunette) Caitlin, doubled my mommy power in 2003.
My oldest niece (blond) Eleanor... shhhh, she's my third girlie!

BTW, it is so amazing to see how much these two like each other.  
Generally, if I say we are going somewhere, the first thing Caitlin asks...
"Is Eleanor coming?"

Mia will deny it, but she's my girlie too.

My baby girlie, Kate.  She loves me with lots of raspberry kisses.

A day spent with people I love... But, never fear
even when I'm with someone dear

my psyche does not get lazy
I'm still bat-shit crazy

awkward moments ensue
every year myself I outdo

creating memories to keep
so that when I'm forever asleep

my girlies will laugh and think of
all the wacky things about me they love


  1. What an awesome poem always make me laugh and smile...that's such a special quality you have :) thanks!! Aunt Joan looks amazing and you look beautiful and so happy and those girls...each and everyone of them are so incredibly lucky for you all :)
    Can't leave out the cute hubby..he's a handsome fella and hopefully he had some other brother in laws there so he wasn't out numbered by the girl power :) Love you!

  2. Kathleen! Kate is SOOOOooo beautiful! LOVE her eyes! :-)