Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slob... Noted

As I pulled the wash out of the dryer I was frustrated to see my black leggings covered in grey fuzz. My fault, I shouldn't've mixed my pjs with my leggings... Noted.

I have a lint roller at the office but haven't replaced the one here at the house... Noted.

I pulled on my short sleeve, v-neck black dress hearing the static crackle as I lower it over my head. Dress wont fall straight. Need to buy static spray... Noted.

Face is sensitive and red from sinus infection... Sigh... And how have I neglected those chin hairs so long? ... Noted.

At this point I turned from the mirror, pulled my hair into a pony tail and decided tomorrow I will not be a slob.

Now, I don't have a fairy God Mother, so I can't go from flab to fab overnight... But I CAN curl my hair and put on make-up.

My role model... The ALWAYS fabulous Nissa. She oozes style. Love it! HWND - how would Nissa dress? I need to get some scarves and shoes... Noted!

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