Sunday, January 13, 2013

A or B?

From Friday...

So I was in an amazingly good mood on Friday considering 1) torturing my 13 year old; 2) stepping in a puddle of gas; and 3) an extra hour of traffic on the way to work (over 2 hours to get to work!!!)

Starting with the traffic... I am glad I was not IN the accidents that caused all the delays.

Puddle of gas? No one lit a match around me and I survived the day without going up in a literal ball of flames.

Torturing Siobain? Okay yes, parents should not torture their children. I'm reasonable, most of the time, and agree that it is generally bad to torture anyone. But she had it coming. It was the only way to make her see reason.

My daughter is pretty. God gave her a nice face. Somewhere from someone, and I suspect it might be me, she got the impression that she has ugly teeth, so she always smiles with her lips glued shut.

I think what happened... Is that she might have overheard me talking about how pretty her smile is going to be when we "get her teeth fixed." Totally taken out of context. I wasn't saying she didn't already have a pretty smile, I was just, ya know, I don't know... Justifying the money we were spending on braces. Braces are not just cosmetic in Honey's case. We had to pull teeth and expand her mouth and yada yada. Her dentist told us when she was 4 that if we didn't already have it we needed to make sure we had insurance for her teeth, braces would be required.

And now she has them, and she looks adorable, and I can already see a change... Although since she can't really bite her teeth down we still have a bit to go... So she better start liking her smile NOW!

I took several pictures. Lets be logical! A or B, which one looks pretty? A or B, which one shows a happy girl? A or B, which girl would you rather be around? A or B?

A or B?
A or B?
A or B?
A or B?

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