Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A to Z Challenge 2013!

I just signed up for this years A to Z Challenge! Really excited. I've already got a plan... Videos! April will be filled with wacky, tacky, and true videos of the Medina clan.

Some of the videos I'll have to get started on right away, because I won't be able to shoot and edit each day... and work... and hug the kids, rub the dog, and make fun of hubby. A girl has to have priorities!

(Okay, I took another dose of meds and am a little hyper again...)

Anywho, for "D" I could make a version of the history of dance (will be tragically funny); for "B" I could do a how-to on my yummy-to-die-for buttercream icing; for "S" I could do a montage of scaring my girlies... If ya have any ideas, lemme know. ("K" is going to be all about Karen... it's gonna be good.)

I also double-D-dare some of my peeps, who have neglected their blogs (you know who you are), to go sign up too. Look, here is a pretty link:

(Beth, Amy, Sarah, and Ebony... I can feel that you all skipped right over that link without clicking it... do it, it'll be fun.)

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