Monday, January 21, 2013

4 Needles

Gorgeous let me take over her living room again. I made a spa wrap for little Kate and one for me.

I had just finished Kate's when Gorgeous called from Costco... Where they had adorable children's spa wraps for $6!!! So defeated... That's how much it costs me to make one.

I decided to wait on making the other two wraps for my nieces, I assume they are going to love the Costco ones... so I made one for myself instead.

I felt like a whale while I was sewing mine. Big mistake going from a size 18-month wrap to my size wrap... I kept thinking I was making a mistake and surely this much towel wasn't needed. No mistake. I take two towels. It's a good thing I'm already watching my food intake and exercising with my peeps or I might have flushed down the toilet of despair.

But the good news is I have a comfortable wrap to use now! I don't like robes because they get too hot and I feel claustrophobic. These are much more comfy and I can take it to the pool too.

I was hunched over the machine too long. I broke 4 needles and there is a 2x2 inch of skin on my back that has no feeling. It's not just a stiff back... just to the right of my spine and just below the base of my neck... numb... I can scratch right over it and not feel a thing.


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